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I need to measure the rotational speed (revolutions per minute) for a turbo generator which has the nominal rotational speed 3000rpm. My intention is to measure with a increased resolution (compared with the classical system), minimum 600 pulses per revolution. This is necessary for tuning the mecano-hydraulic control system.
I found intersting to use a incremental encoder.

Can anyone give me some advices regarding what kind of encoder shall I can use? I am interested especially in high reliability of the system if it works 24/24 and 7/7.

Thank You!
Dear Gabi,

you can use the encoders supplied by ELCIS (http://www.elcis.com). I had been using one of their encoders with 2400 pulses per revolution. And it works just fine. I had been using it to get feeback from the DC motors used in cold rolling mill. So u can judge how critical the application is and how reliable the encoder was!

I had been using G115KB-18/85-5B-N-CC. you may mail to [email protected] and ask for specifications.

Your problem with using of high resolution encoder maybe limiting of max output frequency - for both encoder itself and counting electronics.

The resolution higher than 600CPR isn’t problem now for encoder with outer diameter more than 35mm (TR Electronic, RSF, Broun$Sharp) and protection class IP 65.