energy flow control system


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Can anyone please draw a diagram to represent energy flow control system and explain it for me pls. thanks

Dr ir Gerrit M. van der Molen

Dear nil/Mel (?),

Bond graphs are a method of modelling and representing energy flows in systems. A good start is Glasgow University's web page on bond graphs, beginning at:
I am not sure that this is what you are looking for, if you talk about "energy flow control", but it may be worth a look. Otherwise, is there a
particular type of energy (thermal, mechanical, etc.) that you are looking to control?

Good luck,

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I am looking for the same thing than you do, all kind of information about energy flow control.... If you ever have any answer, I'd be glad if you could send it to me.
Send me your e-mail and I'll do the same thing if I find anything.