Energy meter to PC which supports modbus protocol


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Sunil Zambre

I want to know about How to interface Energy meter to PC which support modbus protocol. And what software i need to run on pc and converter required to connect between Energy meter & PC.

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The answer to that depends on what software you will be using on the PC. Are you using an off the shelf package? If so, then what options does that package offer? Are you writing the software yourself? If so, what will that software do, and how do you intend to implement it?

There are some very expensive ways to do this, and there are some very cheap (even free) ways to do this. However, the answer depends on the details of what you are trying to do.

Robert Willis

You have not provided enough information about the energy meter and the functions you wish to display on the PC.

Typically energy meters can either have a RS232 or RS485 interface. Once this is determined then you can pick the appropriate "converter" to connect to the personal computer which will typically have a RS232 port and USB.

On the software side there are numerous options depending on your needs. You might also consider a power meter that has a Ethernet port and embeded webpages.