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Adrian Wilson

I have a DC drive with an analog input range from 0-20v. I would like to find a product that would allow me to interface this drive with a standard 0-10v output like a PLC analog output card. This device should do all proportional scaling for me, or with minor setup.
Thanks in advance for your help and effort.

Curt Wuollet

I put up a circuit about a week ago. A scaling amp module seems to be somthing a lot of people need. I'll add it to my gizmos that would be handy to have list. Someday perhaps I'll find a way to market these. The problem is that the market seems to want $50.00 of packaging around 75 cents worth of parts.


If you're looking for off the shelf components, try a Weidmuller deciPak isolator

0-10V input
4-20mA output with a 2K resistor across the output
24VDC supply required (maybe from your drive)

Not the cheapest solution, but easily obtainable and industrially hardened.

Andrew Evenson

Have you thought of using a simple OP amp circuit with a gain of 2?? A very simple thing to build.
I know of an application where a 0-43vdc reference was needed. The solution that was used is 4 signal isolation boards with the signal in paralleled and the signal out in series. The other method we have discussed for this and another application requiring an even higher reference input, was to use a small dc drive with 0-10v reference and set the max out to the max in of the drive with the high input voltage. This is also used as a setup device for metering without running the machine.
Best of Luck
Why not just use the 0-10v analog, set the max freq of the drive to double what you want it to be and you will have full speed at 10v.?

Instrumentation Group

Are you sure the PLC analog output module doesn't have a jumper configuration that will allow you to attain the 20 volts?
Good luck!

Yannick Bouchard

Hello, Adrian
If it is possible for you to configure your PLC Analog Output Module in a current Mode (0-20 mA), you have the possibility to convert the Analog current Signal (0-20 mA) in a Analog voltage signal (0-20 V)) with a resistor 1K for close the loops.

After that you transfer the voltage resistor on your drive. Some Analog Output Module could have this configuration. Example: The Module Flex I/O 1794-IE4XOE2 of Allen-Bradley have this configuration for the analog output.