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Hi All,

I have already developed standard Modbus slave not developing Enron Modbus slave.

I need to maintain history of 35 days of hourly and 100 days of daily records for 10 flowrun/meterrun.

Got confused, Need to know about the Enron Modbus stack/cache structure.

1. How it is possible to save huge data into 65536 registers?

2. Am I making some wrong assumption that all the data is cached in Enron Modbus stack?

3. On request the data is fetched from other destination (like file, other memory location etc.) and then the request would be served?

Lynn August Linse

I have no idea how Enron/Daniels does this, but for 'large data' one can use the File Read and File Write commands. Although the result is proprietary, if I understand the spec correctly, file rd/wr allows 10,000 records, which each record being to 250 bytes (?? so final packet remains under 255 bytes). Some devices uses these for example to flash firmware images, etc.

- Lynn
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