Equivalent Circuit Parameters and Inertia Constants of Three Phase Induction Motors


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Debajyoti Roy

I'm on the look out for following Data about Three Phase Induction Motors,
1> Equivalent Circuit Parameters.
(R1, X1, R2', X2', Rc, Xm)
2> Inertia Constant.
3> Any relevant Data from which all the above can be derived.
This can get you a co-authorship to a paper that i am writing.

Alex Ruderman

Are you planning on having an in-depth look into thermal / efficiency aspects like motor core losses - main flux and PWM induced? I can advise about PWM iron loss estimation.

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As promised in my Thu, Jul 5, 3:28pm, response on the subject:

The document that lists typical inertia data for USA manufactured motors

NEMA Standards Publication MG-1993.

Phil Corso, PE
(Boca Raton, FL)
Hello. I'm looking for similar information And I was wondering can you help me. Have you found some resources about the determination of parameters of the equivalent circuit of three phase induction motor.
I'll be greatfull if you can help me.
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