Error checking Data Status in Function block in Yokogawa Centum VP DCS

I want to read data status of a function block (PVI, PID, TM) but getting errors in Yokogawa CentumVP DCS (R4.02).

Below is the example:
If (dscheck(PT100.#PV, "CAL")==1)

For some reason I don't want to use SEBOL/SFC. So is it possible to read data status of PVI/PID blocks in Function block (CalcU, ST16)? If yes, please help me correcting syntax.
If you are using CALCU, then USE "if MYTAG.PV=BAD"
IF ST16 then MYTAG.PV and un data colum "=BAD"
YOu can learn more reading " General-Purpose Arithmetic Expressions" on instruction manual