Error during PL7-3 to PL7 Conversion


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Jin Young Kim

I got an error during conversion of Telemechanique PL7-3 program to PL7 program.
Error message is "Specified Program Source file contains symbols or incorrect syntax!"
Is there any one to help me immediately?

My Software versions are;
PL7-3 (under OS2) V 5.7
PL47 CPU Version TSX 47/455 V5.3

PL7 Junior V4.2

1. Created .LAD, .LIT, GR7 files using FTX507 Loader(OS/2 Operating Software)
2. Already I have Instruction manual(pdf files) for convert them.
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Gijsbert-Jan Welp


I think the error is almost selfexplanatory.

It tells you that in the source file either a symbol is used which is not allowed in PL7 or that some programming method used in the source is not allowed in PL7.

So read the manual PL7-3 converter you have carefully to find the parts in the source files that are incompatible with PL7 naming and/or programming.