Error in installing PKTx card in a PCI-only slot PC


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After instaling the PKtxd card in a HP Vectra machine and powered up, the error "Resource conflict" pops-up in the screen. I tried to check
for the membase address using the supplied disk but can not find any (F00000). Can I still use the patch of Allen Bradley even if in the
beginning of scanning the system reflects an error? I already disabled the PNP option in the BIOS but the fault still occurs. I also tried
to isolate (or unplugged) all hardwares installed (LAN card, etc.) but the error existed. My setting in the PKTx card is in the 1M (not the 32bit although I also tried using this but the error persisted). I am using Windows 2000 OS and an InTouch program. When in the 32 bit switch, W2K can detect that there was a new hardware in the system and searches for the driver (which I have not). In the 1M switch, W2K can not detect the card. Any advise for this anomaly? Some say I have to use WWRSLinx. Will this work? Any new patch for this?

Trevor Ousey

Have you tried with RSLinx? When we started using PKTX(d) cards, I stopped using the ab1784kt driver and went to using WWRSLinx with RSLinx OEM, no problems. The ab1784kt driver didn't support the PKTX(d).
Hello Trevor,

Thank you for the response. Just one question: Did you experience the same way? As having an error in the boot up sequence (in MSDOS)like "Warning! PCI Network Controller Resource conflict on Slot x" (x represents the PCI slot number of the PC CPU). I only get this problem with the HP Vectra. But when I installed this card in another machine with PCI-only slots(non-branded PC), I have no problem at all. Anyway, I will try your idea. Thanks...
It is evident that your problem is cause by a failure in ressource assignement during bios boot.
you've already disable pnp bios but it is not necessary if you did not reserve "space" in IRQ reservation and memory reservation.
If it is possible try this:
get in your bios setup,
-try to find any topic talking about PCI or Advanced Bios Settings then reserve IRQ for your card taking care of IRQ already used by your devices(Graphic card, sound, ps2-mouse, etc...)
or better if possible assign each PCI slot an IRQ ( you must be in PNP bios desabled, and PCI Bus
Master Activated)
and try to download latest Intel Chipset Registry Setup from intel's web site to aware w2k of your mainboard fonctionnality.

good luck