Error Message with OPC Between VBA & Rockwell Server

My application is to connect to an Allen Bradley CompactLogic PLC from an Excel Spreadsheet using the Rockwell FactoryTalk OPC server.

I have installed an OPC automation wrapper in order to provide the OPC interface. However, when I try to use the OPC code in the Excel VBA I get a Microsoft Visual Basic Run-time error “429” ActiveX component can’t create object.

Does anyone have any ideas on why I am getting this error? I believe I have registered the OPC wrapper .dll but maybe I haven’t fully.

Thank you for any help.
>On which code line do you get the error?

I got the error when I tried to create a new OPC Server object

Set MyOPCServer = New OPCServer

I have dimensioned the object

Dim MyOPCServer As OPCServer
>Isn't Excel running in 64-bit process? If so, it wouldn't
>be able to access the wrapper DLL which is 32-bit.

This may be my issue but don't know how to overcome this.

Are you aware of a 64bit OPC automation wrapper or a way to tunnel to the 32 bit .dll from a 64bit excel?
If this is the cause, then there are 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Excel. So it is possible to uninstall the 64-bit bit Excel and install 32-bit Excel. But first, check in Task Manager what bitness the Excel process is.

I am not aware of 64-bit wrapper DLL.