Error OL9-1600


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We are trying to download a program using Concept 2.6 into a Quantum CPU434-12 our laptop have W2K and our cable is ok, in fact we can connect the plc and have the normal message (Modifications, Direct, etc.) but when we intend to download the program we have a Error message "OL9-1600" (PLC no announced??) and this error stop the download.

Could plz any body help us??? We use the same configuration before and we have succes in download some programs, and we have a correct licence and all.

Thanks in advance.
If you are sure that the cable and communications parameters are correct. Then check the following:
* Quantum MEM protect switch is on. Move switch to the off position or turn key to off or start.
* The PC serial com port may be attached to another program. Verify that there are no other programs using the com port. RSLinx and HotSync Manager are two programs that hold com ports open. Disable or uninstall these programs.
* The PLC PUNIT bit is set high. The last person connected to the controller disconnected the programming cable while still online with the controller. Recycle power to the PLC to reset the PUNIT bit.
I solve the problem, and the problem was the cable, i check the Help file and we were using a Notebook cable configuration, then we change it and that was all.

Thank you very much guys.