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gino mettepenningen

i have a error mention, it's loud FUNCTION NOT IMPLEMENTEND (33:496), it's happend while i download fb's and fc's to the contoller, what does it means?

Daniel Chartier

I've seen this message when trying to download a function block that is not allowed on the particular CPU in the project. For example, integrated functions (high-speed counter or pulse output) on anything but a S7-312IFM or S7-314IFM; or when we used too large a FB/FC/DB number; a S7314, for example, would refuse any reference to a FB257 (it allows only up to FB255). Check the programming reference for your CPU, or the online help.

Hope this helps,
Daniel Chartier

Donald Pittendrigh

Hi All

This comes from trying to download SFB's, SFC's or standard OB's which are not part of that PLC's subset, into the PLC. It usually occurs as a result of copying the above blocks, (all of them) from the standard library instead of selecting
only the ones you require. If you keep a list of the blocks referenced in the error messages and delete them off your backup, the problem should go away.

Donald Pittendrigh