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I am looking for a good product to make a wireless connection on a Laptop computer with an Ethernet network with a range about 500 meters.
Does somebody know products to make this connection and may used in Europe?

Greetings, Sisko Bos
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D. C. Pittendrigh

Hi All

Check the Internet for products called Airotnet and Breezenet, I can highly recommend both.

Donald Pittendrigh

Michael Trinca

Hello there.

I am unsure of the requirements in Europe however I believe that Lucent technologies and BreezeCom Europe both have products which will suite your
needs. I am usre there are others that I do not know of. With the two wireless ethernet modules that I am familiar with they are low power,
direct sequence spread spectrum (2.4 to 2.4835 GHz) and operate up to 11MBps . They are simple and easy to set-up and have the range you
require. (You may need to verify this with the distributor as it depends upon the topology of the communication path, however under European
conditions the range is up to 15km).

For laptops both companies sell a PCMCIA version of a transceiver which plugs into your laptop and has a small built in aerial which extends approx. 2 cm outside your PC when plugged in. If further range is required a larger external aerial can be connected.

I am going to test hardware from the following company
Cite Descartes - 1 allee Lorentz - 77420 CHAMPS SUR MARNE
Tel : - Fax :
e-mail : [email protected]
They have a product working in a range of 300 meters.
I don't know for longer distances.
J-F Portala
SoViLor company
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