Ethernet connection PLC5 to 6K


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Matt Hafele

I think this has been posted once 5 years ago but I'll bring it up again. I need Ethernet communications from a Allen Bradley PLC 5 to Compumotor 6K. Compumotor website lists a Allen Bradley SLC5/05 as possible and I just want to make sure it will work with the PLC 5 too. Thanks.
What does a Compumotor 6K use for Ethernet? Is it a standard PC running a Windows based O/S? Is it a standalone Device?

The PLC5 is it an E version, like PLC5/40E or without the E? If it is without an E then it either has DF1 serial out CH0 or DH+ as your communication channels. If it has an E then it has Ethernet, and depending on how new it is, it will either have old AB Ethernet or Ethernet I/P.
It depends on what the Computormotor has.

We offer a DH+ to Ethernet solution in the DL4500 (TCP/IP and Modbus TCP/IP now, Ethernet I/P comming in the new year). Also comming in the new year will be a serial to Ethernet converter as well.