ethernet modbus concentrator


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robert bevis

could anyone tell me if they know of a PLC that can collect information from multiple (9-10) ethernet modbus devices, concentrate them in memory? We then want to talk rs-232 to the PLC and gather all the information.
Have a look at ProSoft Technology. They have Modbus TCP/IP devices for various PLC platforms; either Quantum or AB. They also have a ProLinx Gateways line of products that can read from multiple Modbus TCP/IP, and share that data with other protocols (DF1, EtherNet/IP, Modbus RTU/ASCII, DNP, HART, 101S, 104S, generic ASCII... I'm sure I missed a few).

- CH
Have a look at the Unitronics Vision 280. It does modbus TCP ethernet, has a built-in database that can be downloaded via RS232. Practically made for what you want to do.