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I want to use an Ethernet network composed from :
- one PC on which runs a Monitor Pro V7
- two Premium PLC's each one with an TSXETY110 Ethernet communication module
- one 174CEV30020 Modbus Plus - Ethernet bridge
Is it possible for the Monitor Pro V7 to communicate with Premium PLC's ? The protocol is
TCP-IP Modbus .
Thank you !
The Modbus plus bridge must be for some other devices? If the PC and the Premium PLCs have ethernet, the bridge shouldn't be required. In fact, without adding Modbus Plus cards to them, Premiums don't have built-in Modbus Plus ports.

Monitor Pro 7 can talk Modbus/TCP so it can access those PLCs directly over ethernet.


Jim Gosselin

You will not need a bridge unless you want to talk to older modicon Modbus plus product. Monitor pro can talk Modbus TCP/IP which the ETY Ethernet module supports with the Premium PLC's

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