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HH Chung

Hi all. I have a HMI station that I need to acquire data from 2 PLC's at a remote site through TCP/IP protocol using normal dial-up modem over the telehone network. Only periodic data are required on demand. I'm thinking of using normal Ethernet/Serial routers. Is this application viable? Can anyone recommend a suitable router?


Have you considered a terminal server? Black box has them, IIRC. I haven't used them, but I was evaluating them for a project before it got killed ;^]

Baasically, it is a serial to TCP/IP converter. You set an IP address for each, and a destination IP address, and the converter makes the rest of it
transparent, as I understand. It looks like a straight serial connection.

Not sure what timing issues you may have, based on baud rate, plc brand etc. but it may be worth a look.

--Joe Jansen

Richard Theron - FieldServer


Depending on whether you have different protocols, depends if you are going to tunnel or map the two protocols together, if you do not want to run a re-director and possibly have timing problems I would suggest to map the two protocols by points list, it does take a bit longer to set up, but is a cleaner solution in the long run.

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