Ethernet tcp/IP connection between S5 155H and a redundant GE90-30;


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Khamis Besbes


I have a project were I have to make a redundant Ethernet TCP/IP connection between two different kinds of PLC'S: S5-155H( Of siemens) and GE90-30 ( Of GE90-30). who can help me and give me what this connection requires: how can I configure the Ethernet card 1430 TCP/IP in the S5155H plc; did this connection requires an applicom card installed on a PC?
I need a detailed procedure for this job.
Best regards.

Daniel Chartier

Hello, Besbes;

I do not envy your project.

The first problem you will encounter is that Industrial Ethernet is only ISO (802-3) not TCP-IP, and the CP1430 only supports TF format (technological functions). I doubt very much GE 9030 supports that, so exchanges are not possible even if the hardware setup is functional.
The only way I can see you managing comms between the 2 PLCs would be through OPC. Kepware comes to mind, also Parijat and other third parties. To answer your last qustion, hardware cards (like the Applicom) will be specified by your OPC provider. You would need to find OPC servers for both PLCs (Siemens has one for TF in their Simatic Net CDs) and install an OPC client from a third party on your computer with adequate hardware. Or you could use a SCADA package (Citect comes to mind, because of its large number of integrated protocols) communicating to each PLC, and acting as a data mailbox. [Note: Citect has built-in redundancy, very easy to install, so that could help you out]

As far as setting up the CP1430, look up the manuals for CP1430 and COM1430 (configuration software) on the Siemens Website.

As far as redundancy is concerned, you could duplicate the installation on 2 computers and develop software controls that would allow surveillance of comms on he primary and activation of the stand-by in case of comm failure.

Like I said earlier, I don't envy you this project.
Give us some idea of the way you decide to go.

Hope this helps,
Daniel Chartier
Two ideas come to mind. 1st you could use a bridge from to convert between the two different protocols, and then a second bridge for redundancy, and one of the plcs would have to handle which bridge to use when.

2nd you could use opc and two plcs along with iconics datawork to exchange data between the two plcs with different protocols.

If the GE PLC has redundant processors, everything gets alot more complicated, as the GE plcs do not swap IP address when the master changes, so you programming must accomodate for this.

Donald Pittendrigh

Hi All

A few small corrections:

1) There is a TCP/IP version of the CP1430.

2) Please explain how you will make a PLC with an ISO Ethernet card talk to an OPC server. I know of no OLE for S5 and consequently no OPC either, Bill Gates hasn't got that far yet, thankfully.

OPC-DX will be available one day then this may be possible.


Khamis Besbes

Hello, Daniel Chartier

Tank you for the information;
We have the intention to use two cimplicity servers of GE-FANUC, each one with an applicom card of SIEMENS,
what do you think?

Best regards.