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Edelhard Becker

If the open source movement were based on the QNX model of an operating system, I'd grab it by the tail and wouldn't let go. Alas, it is not.

Jay Kirsch

Armin Steinhoff


for ported Open Source(s) for QNX have a look to

Python etc. for QNX "
OpenQNX page
XFree86, PVM etc.
Apache and others "":


further have a look to "": or to "":
you will find more open source than you will expect... ;-)

BTW, we have grabbed it by the tail 10 years ago and we have in the meantime a big realtime product suite which is also ported to the new QNX 6 version (Neutrino). QNX 6.1 Runtime Prices from QNX Software Systems are low now !

If you have a chance to visit the QNX-Night 2002 in the next month in Nuremberg, talk with guys from the QNX community and may be the "tail" is long enough for you ;-)

Armin Steinhoff

Curt Wuollet

It could be, all they would have to do is open it up:^). Actually, they have done some admirable things in the face of pressure from embedded Linux of various sorts. I even had a copy running for a while. It seems like a pretty good product as far as proprietary stuff goes. Writing with a RTOS is an area where you really benefit from having source, without question. I'm not sure how this is all gonna shake out but, QNX is suitable for more "deeply embedded" tasks than Linux for the time being so there's room for everybody.


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Jutta Steinhoff

Hello all,

we have set up a page with pictures today ;-)
enjoy! "":

Who has still pictures which we didn't get, please send us!

The first QNX-Night was a success, thanks to all attendees and sponsors!

- QNX-Night 2003
In the next year will be the European QNX-Night on the first evening of the Embedded Systems 2003, Tuesday, Febr. 18th, 2003. All who don't want to miss it can already register ;-)

Greetings from the organization team,
Jutta Steinhoff,
& Markus Best,