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Anshuman Patra

Hello friends,
I am presently using a Eurotherm make 620s Digital Vector drive for running a Brook Hansen made Ac motor. I am told that this Drive cannot show me the current taken by the motor, as the operating frequency varies from 10 to 100 hz I cannot use a tong tester to measure the current also. In this case how do I measure the current?

In what values would the values be wrong if i were to use an ordinary Tong tester to measure the current.

Any help would be highly appreciated, kindly mail me directly.

Thanks anyway
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i'm not one 100%, but im pretty sure you have a default analogue o/p 0-100% of motor current, if you do not, you should be able to configure one. you can test the current with a tong tester on the 3 phase i/p to the drive this will give you approx current as you have losses in the drive. do not bother testing the o/p as this will not give you a correct reading.

Hr. Kutniewski -- Siemens A&D Large

Dear Sir,

you should be able to see roughly what current is drawn by the motor on the input side of the inverter with a standard meter, do not use a standard meter on the output as due to the output wave from you can not give a rough guide.

The current drawn will be in porpotion to the load torque requirement.

I find it hard to belive that a Digital Vector drive can not show you the curret as this is requirement for the motor vector calculation. Please check with the supplier, there must be a parameter there somewhere or even by analoge output signal be default.
Dear Sir,

Thankyou very much for the insight, i have checked out with the methods as per your advise , thanks again.

You can try to use a ture RMS type clamp on meter for your measurement. Also, you can see the value via the LCD panel in % of you motor setting in the configure page. e.g. 40% of 60A.... etc.