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Anyone knows where can i find information how to evaluate the process performance. i work in a Refinery and i want information how to improve the Process Control, although i'm not a Chemical Engineer but i think never is late to learn.

Thanks in Advance

Steve Garrett

A great approach to take in improving any process is the technique called 'Value Stream Mapping'. This approach is not confined to any specific type of engineering or business process, and can certainly be applied to your case. It requires first the development of a current state map of the process and then a critical analysis of the process map, to examine the flow of information and in your case also the decisions based on those information flows. This should be done with a small process improvement team since there will be several stake holders in the control process, not all expecting the same outcome, and the key ones at least should be represented. Follow this with a focus on identifying (1. What are the key objectives of the steps within the control process and what metrics (key measured results) are in place or need to be developed to track performance. Then (2. How you would set about eliminating 'waste' from the control circuit. You could define waste as any process step or resource used or information generated that does not add value to the final outcome of the process. Next work with your team to develop a 'future state map' of the control process and predict what you expect the new metrics should be with your team's improvements. Present this result to your Engineering and Management folks and they will be amazed at what really drives improvements in the process. You do not have to be a Chemical Engineer to know how to do this. Most firms are finding tremendous savings by critically examining what happens at the interface between technology and people.
Best of luck!!