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Jakob Køster

I need to log the moment when an event happens. I have a 24v signal going high/low and I need to know when and how many hours/minutes this signal has been high in a certain period of time. I have found an eventlog called profea at www.ertec.com, but I need a way of summarizing the high-time if the log has to cover a year.

Raymond van der Tas

In order to analyse a process signal you will need the following:

- connect your signal to some i/o device (PLC, I/O Card, Loop Controller)
- expose this signal to the world through a standard (open) interface. An OPC Server would be great.
- Configure the ICONICS Alarm Server to monitor the alarm condition of the OPC Signal. (hi/lo, hihi/lolo, on/off, rate of change, deviation)
(This alarm server is an OPC Alarms&Events Server)
- start the ICONICS Alarm Logger to collect the alarm conditions in a Access, SQL Server or Oracle database.
(This alarm logger is an OPC Alarms&Events Client)
- use any presentation layer to present the relevant information. As an example you can start MS-Excel and run a Query "Select my24VoltSignal FROM AlarmTable"

For details in Denmark www.pcinstruments.dk and otherwise www.iconics.com

Good luck
Raymond van der Tas