ewon (eye watching over net) {remotely access plc through internet}

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sarabjot singh manku

hello friends SAT SHRI AKAL(HI),
i have recently joined this group.i think most of u have heard about the device ie PROGRAMMABLE INDUSTRIAL ROUTER NAMED as EWON (eye
watching over the net). as i m working in an automation company, my company ie micipl

index.html) situated at nashik maharstra (india) is thinking to use EWON at its customer end for their benefit as well as vice versa. for
the last 2 days we are conducting a trial in our factory. in lan network it is working fine but when we have tried to remotely access
it through internet it is not happening.the possible reason is, we are
not knowing, how to configure it through internet. i request to all of the members that if anybody of you know about the networking part plz reply as fast as possible.

we are using :-
CPU 313C-2DP
6ES7 313 -6CE01-0AB0

2) EWON 500 MPI


Tomy Zacharia

Tusi kahaan se kharida hai is ko? (Translation "Where did you purchase the module from?"). Call the vendor.

The module might be configured with a private network address (meaning -, -, - These cannot be seen/addressed/routed over the internet. Secondly the module seems to be using some unknown dialect of TCP. A firewall may be stopping it from communicating to the

At a minimum there needs to be a web-server on your network which can be 'seen' on the Internet from outside. This web-server or application server then needs to pass on the data from the module to the internet.

Tomy Zacharia

Jean-Paul Verheylewegen

Dear Shahji,

I thank you for testing eWON and I fully agree with Tomy's advice: call the vendor. As an eWON customer, you certainly have all our attention.

There seem to be some confusion: eWON 500MPI is a web front-end for S7 PLCs. You will see the PLC variables on eWON web pages and be able to read and write values without the need for the programming environment (Step7®). Additionally, eWON 500 MPI is capable of monitoring the PLC variables and issue alarm notifications e.g. by email or SNMP. Last but not least, using eWON 500 MPI transparent gateway, you may also use it to program your PLC from the LAN. In Step7®, eWON will appear as a device that has both an ISOTCP interface and an MPI interface, capable of routing Ethernet traffic to one or more MPI PLCs.

So eWON 500 MPI mission is solely to make your MPI PLC(s) visible from the LAN and enable the PLC(s) with IP services (email, web, routing to MPI...) on that LAN.

If you want eWON and your PLC to be visible from Internet, you would have to configure your Internet router and your firewall to let that happen.

This being said, there are other eWON models available which are specifically designed for teleservice across Internet, cutting the cost and improving greatly the reliability of the connection, especially over long distances.

Some models have an embedded modem (PSTN or GPRS/EDGE) others use the local company LAN access to get on Internet. These models, designed for Internet connectivity, also are equipped with the necessary additional routing, firewalling and security features.

Please do not hesitate to return to our distributor or to myself for further questions.

Hope this helps...

Kind regards,
Jean-Paul Verheylewegen
ACT'L - eWON products
[email protected]