Ex n (ia) IIA T4 ip66 installed in a zone 2 hazard area


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paul riddle

Ex n (ia) IIA T4 ip66 installed in a zone 2 area

i'm learning about hazard areas and would like to know if the above is an acceptable installation? my thinking is as the ia is in brackets it is associated equipment and must be in a safe area? any thoughts would be appreciated.


Bruce Durdle

The Ex n indicates one of the variants on non-sparking, so is OK for Zone 2. As you say, (ia) indicates that the item also contains energy limiting equipment and can be used with an IS circuit connected to equipment in Zone 0.

There is no requirement for Ex (ia) equipment to be installed in a safe area - it must just be installed in an area where it cannot provide a source of ignition. As long as the equipment is covered by some other form of protection suitable for the zone in which it is installed, it will be safe. So the installation you have described is acceptable for use in Zone 2.

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