EX2000 Fault Code 334 DPHICODE


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Had an event that triggered the hot swap to back up on EX2000, when rebooting the cores the 334 DPHICODE comes in, after reboot the 728 and 368 are in. This only happens on main processor. The backup and protection core reboots do not flash the 334 code. I have proved the thermal switches creating the 368 Overtemp fault are not bad, and I believe the 728 fault (offline trip) is a result of the 368 being in. The LED#20 is in on the LTB card which is associated with the Contact Input of the temp switches that I have proved are not bad.

Wondering if the 334 code (high DCP code is not valid) is corrupt and the overtemp is just a byproduct of this?