Excel DDE to/from PLC Direct DL05


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I am trying to learn how to communicate to a PLC via DDE.

Does anyone have any excel programing examples for reading and writing data from/to PLC Direct DL05?

I can read values into a cell but that's about it. I am interested in other things that I can do via DDE.

EXCEL<---> DSData<---> DL050


Slawek (Aromat)

I cannot help you with Koyo, but if you need 8in, 6 out and it is not critical to use DL05, some of my customers started buying our PLC. They are very unexpensive yet powerfull and much smaller then Koyo or enybody else for that matter. I could get you driver for Excel for free if you are willing to type the commands if not we have full software called PCway that does it by simply selecting cell and making of choice as to what do you want to monitor? Input, Output, Data Register etc. If it does not matter try us. I am from Canadian office so am gaining nothing, just really like their product. "www.aromat.com":http://www.aromat.com
Good luck (no matter who you go with)
Best regards, Slawek

Garrett Socling

I've used the DL05, as well as the DL250. I've never had any luck writing values using Excel or InTouch. I've been able to write values out from Excel to single loop controllers, but never out from Excel into memory locations in the DL series. Automationdirect.com has pretty good tech support, have you tried calling them?