Excel error while using ODH (OPC desktop historian)


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When using the tag manger which is using an add-in (desktop historian tab) in excel to modify/add or delete tags in ODH (opc for desktop historian) an error message keeps popping up. (its a display alert from excel) the message says "microsoft office excel is waiting for another application to complete an OLE action". When ok is pressed is pops up again. Excel has to be terminated via the task manager and only the first row of commands (add/delete or modify) is executed. I am not sure if this is a communication issue (COM with the local OPC server).

It seems that excel times out waiting for a response from the opc server but not sure what could be using it. Excel 2003 is being used.

Any feedback into possible causes would be appreciated.


Wassim Daoud


Please call OPCSupport immediately at:
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To solve your issue.

Wassim Daoud
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