Excel Log Sheets produced using FIX32 6.1


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I can't get my process log sheets to be printed at the set time. I have checked the printer and all related connections and they are all in order. Has anyone ever encountered the problem using the FIX 32 intellution system?
To get your log sheets printed automatically you need to enter appropriate fields in scheduler. With FIX 32 6.1 you get Excel macros. Load all macros in your Reports folder and make c:\folder name\startup.xla as start up file in options menu in general tab. So when you start Excel macros will start, enable them. This will add Report menu in Menu Bar. From this menu or by pressing Cntrl+enter you can start scheduler. In scheduler you can enter fields to schedule report to automatically print at given time, everyday or everyweek of once a month or every shift or on some event also.

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