Excessive Capacitance Alarm in Triconex DO Card Point


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"Excessive capacitance" alarm was received in Triconex DO card point. In EDM it is showing this alarm for point# 10 under Field fault tab.
What could be the reason?
It would help to know the model of DO card.

Triconex DO cards have an Output Voter Diagnostic (OVD) where the output switches that make up each output channel are quickly momentarily toggled on-off or off-on in different combinations to confirm that the output will work when required.

If the field wiring is too long or there is too much wiring capacitance the DO cannot detect the output toggling because the voltage does not decay fast enough.

In DO card config or diagnostics you can turn OVD off, I can't remember if it is by DO or the whole card.

Turning OVD off for the affected DO or its card may clear this error.

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