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Jiri Baum


I'd like to have exclusive access to the /smm directory on the weekend for the purpose of the reorganization (below). The directory will not exist afterwards.

Please check in all your changes to /smm by Friday. Let me know if this is a problem.

The disruption to other directories should be minimal.

Jiri Baum:
> > I was thinking:
> > /lib/misc for miscelaneous libraries
> > /lib for plc_lib.c, plc.h and linuxplc.a (or puffinplc.a)
> > /smm for smm.h, smm_lib.c, ... (leave it where it is, or /lib/smm)
> > /lib/conffile for conffile.h, ...
> > /lib/log for log.h, ...
> > /lib/synch for future synch.h, ...
> >
> > Obviously, there's no hurry for this.

Mario de Sousa:
> OK. I agree with the above, as long as its /lib/smm and not /smm.

No worries. /lib/smm it shall be.

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