Exd Approved Flow-Controller


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As a part of my Bachelor degree, my group and I are looking for an ExD approved gas flow and pressure controller. The component(s) need to be compact to fit in a box with the following dimensions: Height 550mm, by With 300mm, by Thickness 150mm. The flow will be about 3 L/M and pressure 0.7 bar. The component(s) also need digital output and have a dimension of 3mm.

Have looked all over but not found any components that both match the flow, pressure, and size criteria as well as the exd rating.

Does anyone know if such a component exists and/or is it possible to make a component exd approved with some sort of casing?

Would really appreciate your help!
Brooks thermal mass flow controller is one I have used. it both measures and controls in a single body.

You could also use a thermal or coreolis meter in conjunction with a control valve.