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Before few days one of our 88TK blower tripped due to motor problem. The flapper of Non return valve on discharge was jammed and didn't closed. so second fan's air escaped from here and GT came on FSNL due to low discharge air pressure. In this case can we again synchronized GT and if so for how much maximum time? what parameters are to be watched for?

It's really NOT recommended to run without at least one exhaust frame blower running and properly supplying cooling air--as indicated by the pressure switch.

I don't believe the sequencing will allow the unit to be re-synchronized if at least one of the exhaust frame blowers is not running, <b>OR</b> it may unload the unit and re-open the generator breaker very quickly after synchronization because at least one exhaust frame blower isn't supplying cooling.

The loss of cooling from the second exhaust frame blower (as indicated by low exhaust frame blower discharge pressure) is not usually a turbine trip in order to allow the operators a few minutes at FSNL to investigate the situation and restore one of the blowers without having to re-start the unit. BUT, if the problem can't be resolved within say 20-30 minutes the unit should be given a STOP until the problem(s) can be resolved; it shouldn't be run "indefinitely" (for hours) at FSNL without exhaust frame cooling.

Hope this helps!