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O. Moret

Dear Everyone,

Who has experience with PCS7 of Siemens. This is a new product based on S7 PLC.
What are the Pro and Con's of this solution instead of a conventional PLC--SCADA solution.
Is it a real solution for small DCS systems or is it wise to choose a DCS solution anyway (like Honeywell, Foxboro or Yokogawa etc)

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Onno Moret

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We are also considering revamping our exisiting DCS system with Siemens PCS7 control system. Our I/o counts are approximately 4300 (both analog and digital). Kindly give your feed back about the PCS 7 System.

S.K. Sekar
We have been using PCS7 for the past 2 years for automation of an underground mine in Phalaborwa South Africa. We have had great success and I personally find the product to improve mainly the following areas:
1. It definetely improves the visual and graphical representation of software making it easier to understand at all levels.
2. The software allows for the re-use of components and is therefor very suitable for programs that use a modular approach.
3. Because of the re-usability and the consistency of the code, it saves engineering time.
4. Data is entered only once i.e. a tag is created and then used in both the Automation System(AS or PLC) and the Operator Station (OS or SCADA) without the need of reconfiguring. I am hoping to see more companies using this excellent product.

From Paul Mulder
Systems Management & Services
South Africa
I begun to develop on PCS7 in 1997 with the beta version. And then i work only on PCS7 system. I develop Speciific bloc driver and technolgic bloc with faceplate. In fact, i have worked in Siemens during 7 years and i create my company to developp application on Siemens product. You can find some information on the site of the Club WinCC that i create : http://club.wincc.free.fr Jose ROS [email protected] A.S.I Automatismes et Systemes Industriels Z.I Les Paluds BP 1131 13782 AUBAGNE CEDEX FRANCE Tel : +33 4 42 72 65 18 Fax : +33 4 42 72 65 19

Jeff Winborn

Industrial Systems Design in Johnson City, TN has extensive experience with PCS7. Several of the engineers, including myself, were employed by Siemens for many years and are quite familiar with the Siemens family of products. I was a
senior engineer in the only U.S. PCS7 support group until Siemens made the decision to relocate that function (without the people or expertise) to its newly acquired Moore Products facility in PA. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call me @ (423) 282-6088.