Experiences Using Flow Meters From Flow Technology


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Has anyone used Flow Meters and Flow computers from Flow Technology Inc? In particular, I'm looking at the SL9100 Flow Computer. Does anyone used this particular flow computer and generally, how would you rate it in terms of ease of use?

If it operates as just a flow meter and totalizer, presumably it operates unattended. Someone just looks at the display.

If it operates as a batch controller, then the sequence of steps to enter a preset (target batch size), pause and resume, or abort can be of interest because the simpler, the better for operators.

I haven't used that brand, but skimming the manual should give you a feel for the typical operations.

You might ask the vendor for a desktop demo of the basic operations.

The biggest challenge I've run into is getting flowmeter frequency outputs wired and configured on a batch controller. Too many flow meter vendors are obtuse and secretive about their outputs and whether a pull-up, pull-down resistor is needed or not. Lot of dinking around.

Gerald Beaudoin

Also...while looking at outputs, if intrinsically safe operation is an issue, you should look for the appropriate isolators.