Experiences with DL-05


I have used a few PLCs from Automation Direct before. I believe their prices are lowest on the
market. I was very satisfied with the DL-05.
I used it as a start-stop controller for a motor
station. A very simple application in my view point. I used also used their operator interface, I can't remember the model number, to
allow the operators to make changes to timers etc. It was simple to program and I got it to work very quickly. From a reliability point, after two years of operation, it is still running.

The programming software I used was a little more
difficult to use, compared to the Allen-Bradley's RS-Logix.

Good luck,

Dan B.

Mark E. Baldwin

I have used several PLCs by "www.automationdirect.com":http://www.automationdirect.com .
My "worst case" is a DL-250 running in a foundry, in a cabinet too small with other components and no ventilation. The PLC controls a 250HP dust collection system and resides in a area that has huge temperature fluctuations.
It has run flawlessly for over 3 years.
This stuff is great!!