Experion software platforms in DCS

Hello everyone, hope you all are fine.

I was wondering What is the differences between different software platforms in DCS provided by honeywell, in terms of size, quality of instruments, hardware, etc ? for example, as it can be seen in section bellow, we have "Experion PKS", "Experion LX", "Experion HS", "Experion PC",... could you please enlighten me about differences, pros and cons of these various software platforms?
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- "EXP_PKS" desc="Experion PKS Server" line="EPKS" type="SVR"

- "EXP_SCE" desc="Experion PKS Simulation Server" line="EPKS" type="SVR"

- "EXP_CSTN" desc="Experion PKS Console Station" line="EPKS" type="CSTN"

- "EXP_ESVR" desc="Experion PKS eServer" line="EPKS" type="ESVR"

- "EXP_EAS" desc="Experion PKS Application Server" line="EPKS" type="APP_SVR"


- "EXP_HS" desc="Experion HS Server" line="EHS" type="SVR"

- "EXP_HS_ESVR" desc="Experion HS eServer" line="EHS" type="ESVR"


- "EXP_LX" desc="Experion LX Server" line="EPC" type="SVR"

- "EXP_LX_ESVR" desc="Experion LX eServer" line="EPC" type="ESVR"

- "EXP_PC" desc="PlantCruise Server" line="EPC" type="SVR"

- "EXP_PC_ESVR" desc="PlantCruise eServer" line="EPC" type="ESVR"