Explosion Proof Motor/Drivers


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I am designing and assembling a small laboratory scale reactor in an explosion proof environment. The design calls for two small reciprocating/rotating pumps for feeding in the raw materials. I have spec'd out adequate pumps from Fluid Metering Inc. that meet our needs, however they do not sell a pump/motor combination that meets the group C requirements. I am buying the "pedestal" drive module but need a motor to drive each pump head. The motor needs a minimum of 35 inch/ounces of torque and will need to run at most 100-150 RPM, but will need to be controllable down to very low RPMs. We will have a Modicom PLC which will need to vary the pumping rate based on the data from load cells, so the controllers need to be compatible. So far, the only motor I have found was from Moog, but their rating for Class 1, Div 1 was pending from Factory Mutual. Any suggestions on other motors available? PS: My budget does not allow for building/buying purged enclosures.
Check out the "Smart Motor" from Animatics (www.animatics.com). A NEMA17 motor will give you the 35 oz/inches of torque, and low speed isn't a problem you can run it as low as you want. The smart motor is a servo... don't let that scare you... a servo does not have to only be used to control position. These units can run in torque or velocity mode which makes they applicable to almost any use. The smart motor has a 10 bit analog input which can be wired directly to a analg output card on th Modicon PLC. Oh... one last thing they can provide you with an explosion proof rating on the motor. For that you will have to contact a tech rep for the details. Check out the web site to get a phone number to call the factory for details on the explosion proof rating. That's it - have fun with your project.