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Mike Johnson

Hello List,
I was wondering if anybody knows of any control panel shops in the US that dealt with Explosion-proof panels.

Mike Johnson

Innoventor Engineering in St. Louis, MO, has designed and built hazard proof control systems for a variety of customers including Boeing and NASA. These included intrinsically safe components, purged and pressurized enclosures, and explosion proof enclosures. IEI has significant experience meeting NFPA, UL, and government requirements for equipment used in hazardous areas.

You may contact me for more information.

Jim Muir
Principal Project Engineer

Innoventor Engineering, Inc.
10 Kimler, Suite A
Maryland Heights, MO 63043
314.692.9942 (Fax)
[email protected]
Try Panelmatic in Cincinatti, Ohio 513-829-1960. I have gotten some XP control stations as well as non XP MCC's w/ PLC's. Not sure of their capabilities, but worth a shot.
Good Luck

Bob Peterson

I work for a system integrator that assembles all types of panels for hazardous areas, including explosion-proof and pressurized cabinets.

If you are interested in more information on our capabilities in this area, feel free to contact our sales manager Curt Rosenwinkle at 815-885-1300. He will be more than happy to discuss your requirements with you.

Bob Peterson


Mike Johnson

The panel is simple. It is an instrument panel for a DTDC ( Desolventizer Toaster Dryer Cooler).
It will have a few gauges on it a on/off switch for manual/auto selection of level control and a
VFD speed pot.

Mike Johnson
We manufacture explosion proof enclosures as well as increased safety and nema 4x enclosures.

4801 West 150th Street
Cleveland, Ohio 44135
PH: 216.267.9000
FX: 216.267.3219

We do custom / specialty enclosures as well as off the shelf units.

Srinivas rao k

i require flame proof/ explosion proof cabinets in Bangalore South INDIA, Sizes 600mm height x 400mm width X 300 mm depth (inside chamber.
Do u know any one . Please help
Dear Mr.Rao,

You can check up with Rittal or Baliga in Bangalore and Pyrotech of Udaipur for your expoof cabinets.Your cabinets seems to be of wall
mounted and they should be available.

Good luck.