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I have a damp web that I would like to measure the thickness of. The resin in the web contains MEK. Therefore I need explosion proof, non contact, and do not have a fixed roller to measure from. I can get my sensors fairly close to the web - within an inch if necessary. We would like to measure within 0.0005 if possible. I am considering two opposing lasers, or opposing ultrasonic sensors. I am unable to find either of them with an explosion proof rating. Any suggestions greatly appreciated. Regards, Art Bourdeau Web: www.bcsco.com Phone: 518-765-3667 Fax: 518-765-4033 Mobil: 518-573-4745

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That is a typical application for KEYENCE. You can locate them at www.keyence.com They will inform you to death... If you ask they will e-mail you, mail you, phone you, fax you, cdrom you, inform you... you get the idea. What a wonderful service they do have! You will find a lot of application examples at their website, and they will send you A LOT of reference material to study. (Am I looking as a fan? or more like a fan-atic?, I am when I find good service!!) Hope they help you Jimmy Saldivias TECSIM Phone: 591-4-523438 Fax: 591-4-523413 http://tecsim.trading.net

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I got so carried away I forgot the specs. You can use the High speed laser scan micrometers, LS-5000 series. Measuring range 0.2 to 40 mm Minimum target width 0.2 mm Transmitter receiver distance 160 +-40 mm Accuracy +- 0.08 mil or 0.00008 inches (that is an order of magnitude better than your request) Repeatability 0.01 mil Display resolution 0.002 mil laser scan rate 1200 scans/sec laser scan velocity 121 m/sec Enclosure rating IP-64 Ambient temperature 0 to 50 deg Celsius Jimmy Saldivias TECSIM Phone: 591-4-523438 Fax: 591-4-523413 http://tecsim.trading.net