Exporting Citect trend data to excel


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I am working on Citect system (v5.4) which has trend data being sent to an excel spreadsheet for a QA department to look at. It has been done using cicode TrnExportDBF onto local machine, then copied into xls format on remote pc. All works well apart from the fact the values are showing in both formats as having 5 decimal points. The integer values are coming from a plc and are solid as in 72 or 83 or 86 (temperatures). Any idea why they come in with the decimal points (such as 72.18873).

Just as an addition, this is the cicode which carries out the function.
I think it may have to do with the iDisplayMode being in default but not sure.


thanks in advance
I believe the function will extrapolate the data when you define a range that does not line up with your trend tag's sample rate. Your trend tag might be updating every 30s, but if you set the time range to one minute and 100 samples the data has to be interpreted.