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I've read many similar threads discussing this topic, however, none seem to work.

I am trying to export data from an Allen Bradley PLC to Excel using RSLinx.

So far, I can view the raw data registers fine, but I cannot seem to be able to export it to Excel.

Any suggestions? Every macro that I have tried does not work.
You need RSLinx in the Professional or Gateway version. Only with this versions is a communication between RSLinx and Excel via DDE possible. If you have one of this versions you can choose from the EDIT menu the function copy DDE/OPC link. Now you have the command string in the clipboard of your computer. In Excel you can insert this command string with the function insert. Furthermore you have to create a DDE/OPC topic in the RSLinx software (from RSLinx to your PLC).

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Do you mean exporting the tag data base or you just want to read live tag data in Excel from the PLC?
Not completely sure what you are trying to do and which processor PLC 5 or Controllogix you are trying to do, but we do this all the time.

Open RSLinx, go to help, type in Excel and read how to do it.

There is a paste DDE/OPC link under the edit menu and once you do one, you can cut and paste and use excel to pull in data and save it. We do it all the time and automate it using the concatenate function to pull in all of our data at checkout time, etc. and do all of our IO checkout in Excel.

Again not totally sure what you are trying to do but it is fairly easy to do what I think you are asking.


Jerry Miille

And what version of RSLinx are you using? You will need the professional or above versions for this to work. The free version, RSLinx Lite, will not
support DDE or OPC links.

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WinMIS is a good software for creating reports in Excel from any OPC Server. WinMIS allows you to configure the items (tags) you need to store and then allows you to create configurations where in you can export a selected set of items for a particular time period (hourly/shiftly/daily/weekly/yearly) to Excel. The underlying database is a robust MySQL Server.
Free Evaludation version can be requested. See http://www.egenietech.com

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I do it the low budget method in RSLogix 500.
Create a trend with the data points you need trended. Start trend. When you have the data showing that you want in Excel, put the cursor over the trend, right click and save as a snapshot. The snapshot will be a .dbf file, which is a database that can be imported into Excel easily.
Actually Linx OEM will handle DDE at about half the cost of PRO and about 1/3 the cost of Gateway. It will not handle OPC.