F&G PROMEL FGP04 firmware bugs


We have GE Lm2500 gas turbine, controled by MarkVI simplex + BentlyNevada3500 rack for vibration + Promel FGP04 for F&G.
In a F&G maintenance effort, we have replaced the FGP04 CPUM (already containing a firmware of another site), then we downloaded the firmware (.s19 file) into CPUM using Starprog v2.10 software throgh ComPod12/pro. (Erase-program-run procedure done)

3 problems have appeared with DI and DO cards:
1- Signals display doesnt follow signal state on site (loop check done and loops are ok).
2- DI and DO channels displayed show that same channel is used twice (for 2 different signals) and some channels absent from display, not deactivated, but totally absent (dispite that they are wired physicaly).
3- some unusual signal tags displayed and some of the usual TAGs of our site are absent.

Our F&G cards are as follows:
1 PS
5 AI420 (3 used, 2 unused)
3 DI
3 DO

Does this mean there is a problem in the firmware file?
The download target was the CPU flash memory, should we target the eeprom also?