Facing problem in float less level switch of steam drum level


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Israr ahmad

The general specification of the boiler for your information is as below.<pre>
Boiler type Water tube boiler
Temperature 405 o C
Pressure 26 bar
Water type Demineralized</pre>
We are using deminerailized water in our 30 TPH water tube boiler. We are facing a problem in our float less level switch alarm system, for your reference information we are using Omron relay unit 61F-11 with 61-F-G-AP controller. We have three safety alarms in our boiler which are high, low, low- Low trip; sometimes we faced pre-mature alarm in our alarm system that causes sudden shutdown of the boiler. I m going to explain my observation regarding the above mentioned problem which is as below.

I have tested the conductivity of the demin water which was 75 µS/cm and the conductivity test of the chamber of steam drum where probes were inserted was found 2300 µS/cm. I think due to this major difference in conductivity results in the malfunctioning of the alarm system.

Please give your expert opinion in this matter as this is very valuable for us and also recommend best drum level safety system for our boiler.
The conductivity of demin water is much lower than what you measured.
Even the tap water in parts of Vancouver is < 5 microsiemens, too low for magnetic flowmeters.

I suspect any time you get a large influx of fresh water it plays havoc with your level alarm.

Have you tried increasing the sensitivity so it switches with a lower conductivity?

Dear ,

I haven't tried increasing sensitivity because i haven't variable sensing controller in my boiler.

Please recommend me the best conductive boiler steam drum safety alarm system in my case.