Factory Floor Data Collection


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Ken P Forster

Good Morning All,

We are in the process of evaluating our factory floor data collection systems to judge how well they meet the demands of MES and ERP integration.
As part of this effort, we'd like to see what industry experts like yourselves are doing for this critical juncture between automation and
information systems. Attached are some questions we would love to hear your opinions on:

* How do you connect your automation and information systems?
* Many automation vendors provide SQL-based tools now, are you using them?
* Do you collect data just from the HMI, sensors, or both?
* How many points of data do you typically collect and at what rate?
* How long is the data typically stored? Is it archived?
* What sources of information have you found helpful in designing your
data collection solution?
* What best practices can you offer on designing these systems?

Thanks in Advance,

Ken Forster
Systems Architecture and Engineering Center
Philip Morris USA
E-mail [email protected]