Factory Link driver for OMRON PLCs (CS and CV)


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Would like to know is there is any single Driver to Interface between 2 types of OMRON PLC's (CS and CV) with Factory Link (USDATA) server
We use the Cimquest OPC server at Honda for connection to our SCADA apps. The model of PLC is not as significant as the protocol. I believe
that the cimquest driver supports almost all of Omron's protocols. Since you have CS and CV, you would be best off using the FINS Ethernet protocol, which would require adding Ethernet cards to your PLC racks if they do not already have them. Check them out at:

If you don't have a large amount of data to read, the Host Link connection will siffice. Whatever you do though, avoid setting up your OPC server on
a separate PC from Factory Link. DCOM is simply not reliable enough. Getting it to work is harder than it should have to be. Keeping it working has proven impossible. Read my other messages to learn more about our experience.


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