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Jim Mitten

Hi All!

I've been assigned to add a report to an existing Factory Link ECS system (ver 6.6). The design engineer wants a certain layout on the report, and the only way I can think to do the layout is to have three independant .repeat/.end sections on the report. Unfortunately, I cannot find any info in the FLink manuals on doing this.

Has anybody tried this before? How do you reference the independant .repeat/.end sections?

Please advise.
Jim Mitten

Tony R. Gunderman


I have never used multiple repeat sections within a report because it was my understanding that you could not do this. That could be wrong. The
documentation is not always clear to me. If you find a way, I would be interested in knowing the answer, too.

I have however, generated a multiple repeat section report file by creating a FactoryLink report with a single repeat section for each desired section in the overall report and then using the End Complete tags and Math and Logic to issue the appropriate OS commands to combine the various files into one. Since these reports are just ASCII text, the copy command can be used to combine several into one. When you open the resulting combined file, you get the total report
with the multiple repeat sections some of which may have different repeat frequencies that result in a different number of lines per section.

This may not be a solution for your case, but then again, it might be.

Tony R. Gunderman
[email protected]
Hey, Tony,
Isn't is crazy how sometimes we overlook the simpliest solutions??

Thanks for replying to my help request on www.control.com. What you suggested (printing multiple reports & then merging the text files) will work great. I talked with a few other of my FLink cronies & they confirmed what you said - can't do multiple repeat/end sections in a report.

Thanks again for your help!
Hi All

I have been struggling with Flink 7.0 reports for some time now; I have come to the conclusion that it lacks flexibility. What I do now is the following: I use the Database logging tasks to do the logging to a database and then I use Crystal reports to do my reports any way I like.
I know this doesn’t answer your question but if you flexibility and open data, this is the way to go.