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Ray Yuzna

My name is Ray Yuzna and I work for Dunwoody Institute out of Minneapolis. We are building a factory simulator to train young people on industrial networking and process control.

I need an active task list of what an entry level technician or engineer would need to know and be able to do.

Could you please help us.
Read P&I Diagrams, single-line diagrams, loop wiring diagrams, installation diagrams, power supply schematics, ladder diagrams (both for PLC programs and relay installations), logic diagrams, SFC, etc.

Install, adjust, calibrate, maintain transmitters for:
pH, conductivity, etc
(Note: "Installation" includes working with impulse tube lines - this is a vital skill that is becoming a bit of a lost art)

Report on results of calibration and adjustment exercises

Adjust and maintain control valves and positioners

Install and adjust controllers

Trouble-shoot all of the above.

Understand all of the above plus:

Prepare the various types of drawing
Specify instruments - including material selections
Analyse a control problem and come up with a workable solution

That's a start!


Bruce Durdle
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How and what can one add to the list of your first reply, so cute. From a selfmade man point of view, I suggest you open the door to what the the software based gyzmas are crunching. It is a step forward of the basic scholar training your youngs are normally entering. They will like and keep them sharp and curious. Curiosity is the best coacher.