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Hi everybody,

I'm losing trends on some parameters, please help me how to configure back the trends, they are very critical for operation, I tried to add new tag for trending but it does not work.

I had one screen trends was working fine, when the operator workstation freezes, it is rebooted, then we lose the trending after running back the client.

Factory Talk View SE: 5.10.00 CPR9 SR2 Patch/pack number:00, Build number: 09.
Current Operating System: windows server 2003 SP2.

Thanks for your help.

What type of trending did you loose, realtime trending or historical trending ?

Realtime trending configuration is straightly forward, but for Historical type, configuration procedure a little bit harder because it is related to database configuration also.

I guess, your trend type in problem is historical type, is it ? I just guess, somehow when your PC freeze and then forced to reset, connection to database used by your historical trend became fail, that's why you are can't see any trend data

For additional information, below are training material of FTview SE :



and user manual :


Hope this help

Hello and thanks for this answer.

I lose the realtime trending, but only on this workstation, the other workstations are working fine.

for this moment we do not have the historian servers. only the HMI application is configured for 3 months trend storage on the SCADA servers.

I don't know what happen, the next day in the morning I open the trends on the failed workstation and all the trends come back, I surprised.

Please can you tell me what is happening.

Your help is very appreciated.