Factorylink 3.0

Hello I have one PC with factorylink 3.0 instaled in one old pc with Dos and after change the power supply that was demaged the FactoryLink software keyRing don't work anymore, please have everyone some help files that how we can check this key? after boot the factorylink don't start, and showing one error "error reading master key: key not attached to any parallel port" I'chek in setup files in the parallel port ist enable and works when connected to a one printer. On the hardlock have two small ships from USDATA, Dallas DS1204U. My question is what we can do? How i can test this key? have one exe file that perform maybe a test? this fault occur after execute the Flink.sys files.
Bellow the config.sys contents:
device=c:\flink\exe\flink.sys -k64 -p 1024 886 1432 1190 6600
Can everyone explain what is this numbers?
Attach one picture for the key
Have a nice day.
Carlos Oechsler