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I try to use a RETURN accelerator for a button, but this is not possible. It's a bug in fl7.0. Now can anybody tell me how i can solved this problem in the script editor.

Second question : When i start a Mimic how can i run automatically a another mimi (popup) ??

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First try to install SP1 of factorylink

Now concerning the possibility to use Window use the VBA script to open a mimic or to send a message box

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Hello Jérôme,

Thanks for your tips.
I install all service packs. I ask our reseller and they told me that it is a bug in FL7.0 and they told me also that I can try to solved this in the script editor. Nice, but can I use a command look like getkey() or another command ??
They can't tell me the solution ! Did you have any ideas ?? I read the Cypress Enable manual, but without results...

The second question is solved.

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